Current Sermon Series

In a single sentence, the Sermon on the Mount offers a clear understanding of what a blessed life by God looks like.
Jesus’ teaching is filled with heavenly wisdom and practical instruction that works in real life. In this rare sermon, Jesus revealed the heart of God so that common people like us can live a blessed life filled with HOPE and purpose.
Let Jesus begin to speak into you so you can experience HOPE RISING in your life.
A Junior High Student met with Pastor
and asked if he would consider preaching
a series based on questions people may have
about God and Christianity.
Two thoughts came to him:
1. Brilliant! What a great idea!
2. What in the world did I just commit to do?
Do you have a tough question that you would like to be addressed?
Pastor probably won’t be preaching about trivial matters.
But he would love to consider deep questions about God and Christianity.
  Please feel free to place that question along with your name  
  on the Connection Card by no later than May 22nd  
We can’t promise you that all of the questions will be addressed,
but he will do his best to cover at least some of them.