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Learn about your options for how you can

give to High Street Church



Church Center
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Set up offerings

Set Up Offerings

God made each of us unique including how we make a difference through our giving. You can go beyond the tithe and give directly to a fund that’s meaningful to you. Check out all the ways you can give an offering to High Street Church

Give safely and securely

Give Quickly, Safely, and Securely

We won’t get too technical, but your personal data is protected by some of the most powerful digital security systems available through the means of giving we use.

Manage your giving anytime

Manage Your Gift Anytime

See how God has been faithful as you’ve given over time, how your own generosity has grown, or how you plan to be generous in the future. Manage your upcoming gifts and view your giving history at any time from anywhere.

Other Ways To Give

Beyond our tithes, God has gifted us with time and talent. We get the opportunity to use our gifts and time to give God glory. Learn about ways you can use your gifts for the church.

Church Center

Still giving on THE LOOP?

We are in the process of transitioning from our previous giving platform! If you are still giving through the loop, we encourage you to start the process of switching to Church Center giving!

Have more questions?

If you've got questions about what you can give or how you can give it, we'd love to help you figure that out.

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