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More than ever before, people are finding that parts of their lives are broken and hurting…

Staff-5446High Street Welcomes Carrie Dennis, a Licensed professional Clinical Counselor
Carrie has various credentials from Liberty, Ashland and Wright State Universities. While receiving her education she focused on understanding the family dynamics and continues to do so today.
Carrie has accumulated over 19 years experience of working with people and understanding the healing of the heart and mind. Every counseling session is personal and confidential and could deal with any of the following: infidelity, adult and child survivors of abuse, depression, anxiety, spiritual issues, life transition issues and conflict resolution. However, Carrie’s passion is working with families. Many blended families and children have found that the sessions are successful and are still celebrating their progress.
The opportunity to speak and facilitate several types of workshops and seminars are things that Carrie continues to do to remain fresh and help others. Carrie is always looking for continuing the education opportunities and is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. She also remains up to date with all the requirements for the State of Ohio.
The Dennis family is not a typical traditional family. Carrie and her husband began as a blended family and have an intimate understanding of what blended families go through. Carrie and her family are practicing some of the key principles of what she is offering daily through her sessions.
Carrie and her husband have two sons and enjoy spending time as a family. They are often found at the park, watching a good movie, but most of all praying for one another.
Being a pastor’s wife, she has had multiple opportunities to serve in her local church as well. Carrie is committed to bring comfort, healing and wholeness to the individuals and families who are hurting in the Springfield community. 
Please contact her directly at 614-367-1108 to begin the healing process today!