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Life is all about growing – taking your next step and going on to the next thing.

We realize that everyone travels through life at a different speed. However, we provide a general guide
for you to take some next steps to find out more about our church, explore and grow in your faith,
and get connected with people along the way.
For us, it is all about becoming a culture of Changed People, Changing People through
the Power of Jesus Christ, and our next steps are designed with that in mind.


New Christians
The most important decision you will ever make in your life is what you decide about Jesus! Now that you’ve made that decision, it’s important to develop your relationship with Jesus Christ.
Exploring Baptism
If you’ve had questions about baptism, you’re not alone!
Below are the answers to some important questions about baptism, hopefully they will help you decide if this is the next move
for you spiritually!
Growing Personally
The Bible was given to us so that we would know how to live!
There are many things you can do to begin to grow in your relationship with Jesus. None of them, however, are as effective
or more important than spending time with God in the Bible.
You Are Gifted!
Once you have discovered your them remember…
The goal is for you to determine your spiritual gifts,
and then seek to develop your gifts and then
deploy your gifts in active service.
Welcome Session
We want to answer your questions!
Welcome Sessions offered at various times throughout the year.
This is a great place to start! During this 90-minute event you’ll find out more about our mission, values and beliefs and have the opportunity to connect with groups and/or serving teams.
  Healing the Hurting…  
More than ever before, people are finding that parts of their lives
are broken and hurting…
High Street Welcomes Carrie Dennis,
a Licensed professional Clinical Counselor
Carrie has various credentials from Liberty,
Ashland and Wright State Universities.