At High Street Nazarene we have tried to create three easy steps to help people get involved and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.


The First is Celebrate: Our Relationship with God

We value our weekly time when we come together as a community of believers to celebrate what God has done for us and who He is helping us to become. We strive to provide a celebration experience that helps people experience the hope that a relationship with Jesus Christ offers. Through relevant and inspiring music, practical teaching, creative elements, the use of multi-media and rubbing shoulders with some amazing people we celebrate all that God is doing in our lives and community. Wherever you are in life, you’re welcome to come as you are and celebrate with us!
Our Celebration experience begins at 10:15 am and usually lasts about 60 minutes. Come as you are.  If you like to dress up, then you can dress up. If you like wearing jeans and a t-shirt, then wear jeans and a t-shirt! You can learn more about what to expect by clicking here.

The Second is Cultivate: Our Most Important Relationships

Relationship #1: Jesus Christ
We believe there are three important relationships that every person needs to develop to experience the best life that Jesus offers.  Our first and most important relationship is with Jesus Christ. This relationship is the most important relationship because it affects every other relationship we have. A relationship with Jesus makes us better in every other relationship. That’s why we want to encourage every person to spend time cultivating their relationship with Jesus Christ! While there are lots of ways to develop your relationship with Jesus, one very important way is by developing some personal spiritual disciplines. Again, there are many spiritual disciplines, but none more important than spending time with God in His Word. If you would like to make a spiritual move and cultivate your relationship with Jesus, you can click here for some great ideas!
Relationship #2: Other Christians
A second relationship that we believe is vital for you to develop is your relationship with other people who have a relationship with Jesus. The Bible says in Genesis 2:18 (TLB) And the Lord God said, “It isn’t good for man to be alone…” While God created Eve, Adam’s wife right after that, the principle God was teaching us is that we need each other to make it in this world. A person trying to live a Christian life without the support of healthy relationships is a Christian that is constantly struggling. Here at High Street Nazarene we have several different ways that you can cultivate your relationships with other Christians. There is amazing support and encouragement found in these relationships. Click here to see some current ways you can connect with other Christians at High Street Nazarene and in the process help you grow spiritually.
Relationship #3: People Who Are Not Yet Christians
A third kind of relationship that we believe is vital for each person to develop is with people who are not yet Christians. We believe that the answer to happiness and fullness of life here on earth is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. To keep that to ourselves and not share it is selfish. We also believe that when a person that has a relationship with Jesus Christ dies, they will get to spend eternity with Him in heaven. We are compelled by love for our God and His people to share this life-changing news with everyone we meet.

The Third is Contribute: Contribute to the mission of God

We believe that God has called us to partner with Him as He seeks to establish the Kingdom of God here on earth. In order to do that He has given us opportunities to contribute to His mission by investing our talents, time and resources to serve those within our church, our community and our world. We will be intentional about serving those who already know Jesus Christ and those who are finding their way back to God.
There are three places God has given us to contribute:
  • Here: Using our talents, time and resources to help High Street Nazarene become the best church possible.
  • Near: Using our talents, time and resources to serve the people withing the Springfield community.
  • Far Away: Using our talents, time and resources to serve the needs of others nationally and internationally.