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My name is Marty Dennis and I have the privilege of being the Pastor
to the awesome people that call this their church!
We know that stepping into a new place can be a little intimidating and there are probably all kinds of questions swirling around in your head! Well, to make your visit a little less intimidating and hopefully a lot more enjoyable and helpful, there a few things you need to know…
First thing
Everyone is welcome here!  No matter what your background is, what you believe or don’t believe,
where you’ve been or what you’ve done, you’re welcome here!
Second thing
Our church is designed to be your church!  We want to be a place where you can meet new friends
and bring your friends and family.  We’re a place where you can get involved and belong and make a difference
with your life.  This place was not designed to be a social club for a few people, we are here for everyone! 
So whenever you want to get involved, we’re ready for you to jump in…but only when you’re ready!
Last thing...
We have something for your entire family!  Honestly, we have something for everyone! 
We have a great place for your kids starting from birth all the way through high school. 
We have great teachers and leaders that love kids and wake up excited to invest in them. 
We are constantly updating our facility for them because we know your kids matter to you…and they matter to us too! 
So check your kids in and come to the Worship Center and enjoy a service we’ve designed for you too! 
To learn more about what to expect, click here.
When you get here, if you need anything, just ask! 
We have a great team of people ready to help make your experience here at High Street Nazarene a great one! 
You don’t even have to wait till you get here…if you want, you can click here and contact us
and we’ll answer your questions right away.  And we don’t want to just stop with a great experience on Sunday,
we want you to experience everything God intended for you to experience in life all through the week
by helping you become a Passionate follower of Jesus Christ, and experience every blessing He has for you!
Sunday School 9:00 AM  I  Worship Service 10:15 AM


Doors open at 6:00 PM  I  All classes start at 6:30 PM
Children’s Activities: Nursery: Newborn-Age 4  I  Naz Kidz: PK-5th Grade
412 Student Ministries: Grades 6-12
Adult Activities: Adult Bible Study